Why is Travel Becoming So Expensive?

It wasn't long ago that you could easily find a week-long stay in an oceanfront room in an all-inclusive Caribbean resort for 2 adults for $4000 including flights. As you've noticed, that's changing. That same trip now will be closer to $6000 - $9000 USD.

It's hard to give a direct, concise answer about why travel is becoming so expensive. The simplest answer would be supply and demand: the more people that want to travel, the more expensive it will be. But figuring out why the demand increased as drastically as it has is more complicated. One of the major factors is social media.

Social media plays a big hand for a couple of reasons. Seeing 6 of your friends in the Caribbean enjoying the beach while you're snowed in your house makes a person want to travel. The more people see others travel, the more they'd like to travel themselves. Since 2017, we've seen international travel increase each year. In 2020, international travel is expected to increase by another 7%. As the number of people traveling increases, so will the price.

Not to mention, social media makes travelers (especially new travelers) feel more connected to home, so it's not as hard to be "a million miles away" as it was before. Having social media makes you feel like you can stay connected to your loved ones while you're gone, which makes traveling feel a bit safer and less lonely. You know if anything happens either to you or to your loved ones at home, you'll be able to get in contact quickly. With this new sense of security, whether real or perceived, we're seeing more and more people wanting to travel.

It really just boils down to this: more people want to travel now.

We see our friends in different places every day on social media. There are more remote jobs now than ever before. We still feel connected to our loved ones at home while we're gone thanks to social media. We feel pressure to travel as much as we can now, because who knows what the planet will look like in 10 years? We now have credit cards that offer travel perks. There are so many reasons travel is becoming more popular.

Travel is gaining popularity faster than the hotels and airlines can expand, which means that there's not enough space for everyone who wants to travel. Thanks to the lack of availability, there's really no need for airlines or hotels to have flash sales. That means that in order to find cheap deals, you'll likely have to sacrifice something. Meaning: you'll have to go during the offseason, take flights with terrible times, stay in a tiny room, etc. It may not be easy to find cheap travel, but it's possible.


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