What to Do When You're Driving and Have to Pee and There's No Public Restroom For Miles

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Part of me can't believe I'm writing this article and part of me isn't shocked at all - I mean, road trips are my thing.

If you're searching for this article, you probably don't have time for an intro. Just scroll to the bold.

I lived on the border of Ohio and Michigan and I was driving home from Tallahassee, Florida for summer break. On the route I take, there's this 3-hour stretch in Georgia where there's virtually nowhere to go to the restroom. After a desperate and foolish stop at Chick-Fil-A before leaving Tallahassee, I found myself in a compromised position. With a bladder filled to the brim, deep in NoWheresVille, Georgia, hitting an absurd amount of potholes and bumps in the road.

So I had to think creatively. For boys, it's easy - just pull over into a parking lot and open your door for privacy and then just bam - pee on the grass. Shake, shake, shake, and get back on the road.

I don't have that luxury.

I considered my options - a Gatorade bottle, a bag of some kind, just squatting in the grass... and I came to the conclusion - My best option is probably a Large McDonald's soda. Also, that was a really good excuse to get fries and an actual soda (no, no I did not learn my lesson.)

I found the closest McDonald's and ordered a large water (or two, depending on how bad you have to go), and I asked for extra napkins. The napkins are for wiping if you didn't catch that. Try to find a place to park where you can get in your backseat, or you might have to just find a hidden place where no one can see you. Dump out the water cup and assume the position. Then bam - fill that baby up. Then, once you pee in the cup, empty it out in a safe and appropriate place.

I realize it isn't exactly the most comfortable way - but if you're desperate, you're desperate.

  • This is a Coronavirus friendly article, which means that this is assuming all the public restrooms are still closed due to COVID19.

  • If there are restrooms at a Planet Fitness or McDonald's or some other regular establishment, it's probably best to use that instead.

But sometimes, you're in a pinch!! And that's when we depend on our large sodas from McDonald's.


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