Virgin Galactic is teaming up with Rolls Royce for a high-speed airplane and you NEED to see it

Virgin Galactic is related to Virgin Atlantic and this is exactly what you think it is.

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Image Credit: Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is a part of Virgin Group, owned by Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. They are a British company dedicated to developing commercial spacecraft. They're the ones aiming to get tourists into space for $250,000 per ticket. To see one of their Spaceship Cabin Reveals, click here.

Okay... so what is that airplane?

THAT, my friends, is the design of Virgin Galactic and Rolls Royce's love child. It’s expected to hold between 9-19 passengers and be suited for business and first class travelers. According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, the plane is expected to travel 3x the speed of sound - or 2,300 mph - that means it would only take 2 hours to fly from New York to London (I'm mindblown).

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Image Credit: Virgin Galactic

When can I book my ticket?

These are just the designs and it will take years before this airplane is available for commercial flights. However, the Federal Aviation Association has approved the concept to continue development. So — now we wait.


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