How to find out the details of each US National Park's reopening and current status

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With international travel out of the question for the next few months, the US National Parks have seen a huge surge in visitors. This is understandable, given that planning anything is next to impossible right now. Travel restrictions and requirements are changing weekly; flights are canceled or changed right before departure; reopening plans are paused and then accelerated -- it's confusing.

If you're planning a road trip to a National Park, you'll want to check the requirements and restrictions at the city, county, and state level before you go. Remember that the guidelines may change between the time you book and the time you leave. To check state and county restrictions updated daily, click here.

Once you've figured out the requirements of the state and county that you're traveling to, you'll want to check the reopening of the park itself. To find that information, click here.

That link should take you to "Find a Park". You'll click on the drop-down menu and find the one you're looking for.

Here's an example:

I followed the steps for Badlands National Park. This is the page that the search took me to. As you can see, it offers detailed information about what is currently open in the park, when they plan to reopen the rest, and any other important info you may need before you go.


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