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Many people are ready and willing to travel despite Coronavirus. But most say they're more likely to travel by car than plane so they can avoid close contact with strangers for long periods of time. While road trips offer a great solution to that problem, they won't be totally problem-free.

Because COVID19 restrictions are changing day-to-day, it's virtually impossible to plan a road trip months in advance. If you plan on planning a road trip, be ready to be flexible with your plans and make sure you're covered if you need to cancel or if a hotel you're staying at ends up being closed that day.

Some states, like Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Maine, etc., have a 14-day Self Quarantine for visitors in place still. Some counties and cities require masks in all public places. And all of these policies are subject to change at any time. A city you're planning on staying in may see a spike in cases the week before you're meant to come and they might end up being put back in lockdown.

It's important to stay up-to-date with the restrictions so you don't get stuck anywhere that you don't want to be. Luckily, for those of us who are itching to travel, AAA recently launched a map of updated COVID19 Travel restrictions. You can find that map by clicking here.

As you click around the map, you can view the Statewide, Countywide, or Citywide restrictions. It also keeps track of the National Parks opening/closing, casinos, and mask requirements.

The little flags on the map are also interactive. If you click on them, it will notify you of a checkpoint and the requirements to get through the checkpoint. Click here to view the interactive map.

Go play around with it!

You can search for specific destinations in the upper right-hand corner if you have a place in mind but you're not sure exactly where it is.


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