Treylor Park (Savannah, GA) Review from a Picky Eater

The gorgeous Treylor Park Nachos Grande

Traveling and being a picky eater doesn't always go hand-in-hand. There was a day in Italy where I didn't eat anything (except Lemon Gelato of course) because I couldn't find anything. And yes, I'm fully aware how ridiculous that is. But I can't help it, being a picky eater is a staple of my personality and I've accepted it.

I don't like seafood, I don't like most meat, I don't like mayo, jam... you name it, really. So when I heard about Treylor Park, I was a little nervous. Basically, this restaurant makes plates that are WILD combinations. They've got peanut butter and jelly chicken wings, fried banana pepper rings, bacon brownies, and more. I know what a majority of you are thinking and trust me, I was thinking the same. Who the HELL wants to eat peanut butter and jelly chicken wings?! EW, DUDE.

After a little bit of convincing from my best friend, we decided to just try it. We had asked a few locals about good restaurants in the area and this was where everybody said we had to go. So, I just told myself that I would get the most basic thing on the menu and hope for the best.

The space itself is small, but the wait was short so it was no problem. The restaurant gives off an artsy vibe-- very trendy. I noticed that the waitresses seemed extra happy to be there -- I'm talking like, Chick fil A happy -- and I started to feel a little better. It was really a great atmosphere. We sat and ordered the Treylor Park Nachos Grande - that's waffle fries, fried chicken, bacon, pickles, cheddar cheese, chive ranch, and balsamic gastrique.

I'll admit, my picky side won out and we ordered it without the balsamic gastrique. BUT, I felt like it was a pretty risky combination compared to how I normally eat, so it still counts as stepping out of my comfort zone.

The dish was enough for us to share but honestly, I could've finished the entire thing by myself. It's been almost a year and I literally still think about those nachos (I wish that was a joke).

Between the AWESOME food, the happy waitresses, the short wait time for seating and even shorter wait time for food, and the ~good vibes only~ atmosphere, I'd say it's one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. If you're ever in Savannah, you have to find a way to fit in your schedule. I promise you it's worth it.

What's the best restaurant you've ever been to?

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