Travel Experiences from the Comfort of Your Own Couch | Things to Do in Quarantine

Being quarantined has changed a lot about our lives: how we spend time with loved ones, how we exercise, how we eat, how we shop ... you name it. And now, we'll need to find a way to travel the world and experience new things. Lucky for us, there are free public-access webcams all around the world for us to look at, so we can at least pretend to be traveling while we all practice safe social distancing.


Visit the Eiffel Tower

Take in the gorgeous view from Kenya

Visit the Vatican - St. Peter's Square

Visit the Colosseum

Visit the Trevi Fountain

Visit the Amalfi Coast

Check out a beach in Grenada

Visit the beach in Aruba

Visit Costa Rica - the beach or the volcano

Visit the French Riviera

See the New York Skyline

Swim in the Maldives

Visit a beach in Zanzibar

Take in the views in Santorini

Check out Norway

Visit Poland

Get a view of the beach in Lagos, Portugal

Check out Austria

See Argentina

Visit Tulum, Mexico

Visit the Dominican Republic

Check out a popular beach in Croatia

Visit Spain

See the beach in Ponta Negra, Brazil.

Visit Ireland

Click here to watch sheep.

Visit a beach in Nicaragua



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