Tips for Planning the Best Destination Wedding

1. Choose a destination that doubles as your honeymoon location

If you're planning a destination wedding, chances are you'll end up choosing a gorgeous location. Possibly one on the beach, near (or at) a resort, with plenty of perks. Luckily, many of the locations that are perfect for weddings, are also perfect for honeymoons. Look for a destination that can double to save some money on transportation. Instead of paying for 3-4 flights (one to the destination, one back home, one to the honeymoon, and one home), you'll be paying for 2 (one there and one back).

Keep in mind that the family and friends attending your wedding might be inclined to stay an extra few days after to enjoy paradise. So, if you don't want them crashing your honeymoon, let them know beforehand so you can avoid any problems.

2. Look for hotels with package deals

Lots of hotels and resorts that hold weddings have package deals that include honeymoon benefits. For example, Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia has wedding/honeymoon packages to help you save money on the entire ordeal and still get your glamorous destination wedding. There are different perks at each resort, but you can expect things like: massages, champagne turn-downs, room service, tours, excursions, bonding experiences, and more.

3. Consider an AirBnb

Renting an estate from AirBnb for a day can actually turn out to be cheaper than renting a hall or having your ceremony at a resort, depending on the location. Between AirBnb, AirBnb Luxe, and VRBO, it shouldn't be too hard to find the perfect venue.

For example, this venue from AirBnb is only $500 after taxes for a day and it can hold up to 16 guests. Right on the beach and beautifully decorated, it's a cute place for a destination wedding.

4. Hire a wedding planner + coordinator

Yes, you'll have to cough up some extra cash, but trust me - it's worth it. Wedding planners will walk you through the process so you can stress less and enjoy more. They'll look into venues, catering, decorating, scheduling, etc. Their job is to ensure that your special day is as you've always imagined it.

Planners do the work leading up to the big day. They make sure all the vendors are in line, you've got all the decorations/games/songs/etc. that you want, etc.

Coordinators, on the other hand, make sure that your big day goes as planned. They're there with you on your wedding day, making sure everything is running according to schedule. They'll give you time warnings, be there if something goes wrong (spilling something on your dress, messing up your makeup, etc.), and make sure all of the vendors are on time and doing what needs to be done. If you want to plan your big day solo, you should still hire a coordinator so you can fully relax and enjoy the day.

5. Decide what you're going to do about your dress early

Bringing your dress on the plane with you is becoming more and more complicated. Some brides have found that the flight attendants will hang it up in the closet on the plane, and others have been told that they have to place it in the overhead bins, which means in packed flights there will be luggage placed on top of your gown. If you're willing to take the risk, make sure you have a top notch garment bag.

My best advice is to avoid the "cheap airlines" in this scenario. The planes themselves tend to be smaller, and the companies are typically less accommodating. Call the airline ahead of time to ask what the policy is, and if the dress will be considered your carry-on. (If it is your carry-on, it may have to fit size requirements and you might have to pay a fee.)

If you don't want to worry about it, you can always have it shipped to your destination. However, you'll run the risk of the delivery service misplacing the gown or delivering to the wrong address.

This is one of those details that you'll want to take care of ahead of time. You don't want the added stress of being unsure how your dress is getting to the hotel.


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