This Waterfront Home (WITH a Movie Theater) Sits on 5 Acres... And You Can Rent It

This estate has a movie theater, two pools, a hot tub, plenty of "outdoor equipment" to explore the area, and access to the ocean. It's located on Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, nestled right in a coastal jungle. The private staff will be more than happy to drive you through it, cook for you, make you some drinks, and take you to and from the airport. If you're the beach bum type (like yours truly), you're in luck - there are two beaches only half a mile up the shore, so you can hop in one of the golf carts and ride over without much hassle.

This bad boy can sleep 22 guests in 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. I have SO much love for places with more bathrooms than bedrooms - 'cause if I have to pee, I'm not trying to wait for my mom to be done straightening her hair, you know?

22 guests also means splitting the bill 22 ways. So instead of $18,500/night (yep, you read that right), it would be $840/night per person. Which, obviously, is still expensive, but far more doable than $18,500/night.

When you take into consideration all of the amenities, private staff, food & alcohol, and complimentary transportation - $840/night really isn't too bad. At the Villa Manzu, you'll have access to:

- two pools

- gas grill

- golf cart

- hot tub

- kayaks

- indoor movie theater

- sauna

- steam room

- surround sound (with iPod dock)

- game room

- gym

- pool table

- chef's kitchen

- wifi

- washer/dryer

- air conditioning

- shared tennis court

In other words, you don't ever really need to leave the estate.

Now, you just need to find 21 people you wouldn't mind spending a week in the jungle with -

good luck.