This Luxury AirBnb is $144,196 PER NIGHT

Gorgeous, right? I mean... it's hard to find a single flaw. But still... almost $150,000 for a single night? Seems steep.

Seems that way... until, of course, you find out that it's an entire private island.

You and 51 of your best friends can enjoy a deluxe and private vacation. With 21 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms, there's no shortage of space. You can take a swim, spend some time at the spa, or do a fun activity with your guests.

During your stay, you'll be cared for by a trip designer and private staff. Your trip designer will help you organize and plan your entire stay, and they'll be on call 24/7 in case you have any questions or urgent needs during your trip. According to the AirBnB description, your private staff will include activity coordinators, a captain, a chef, a massage therapist, a doctor, and more. I'm not sure what the "more" entails, but I'm down to find out.

Here's some more pictures if you need more proof that this place is perfect:

All picture credit goes to AirBnb, and more can be found here: