This Go Kart Track Was Inspired By Mario Kart

Niagara Speedway, the go-kart track inspired by Mario Kart, is located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The track is part of Fallsview Tourist Area, which is a cute (some might say "corny") little district with enough touristy activities to last you a week.

There's the SkyWheel - a ferris wheel that offers the best view of the Falls. There's souvenir shops, coaster simulators, boat tours of the falls, ziplining, an observation area, an arcade with bowling and billiards, restaurants, and even a store called "3D Mini Me" that makes a doll version of you - and yes, I'll absolutely be heading back soon to get a doll version of me.

I went with my mom and we only had about 3 hours there (we live 5 hours away and just went for the day). We decided to check out the Niagara Speedway, the observation area, and the SkyWheel.

We started with go-karting and it was more than I expected. For $12, you ride approximately 4 times around the track. It has the usual twists and turns that you find in a normal go-kart track, as well as an elevated spiral section that leads to a 40-foot hill. I think it goes without saying that the hill is the best part of the track - I felt like I was actually in the Mario Kart game.

After the track, we headed to the SkyWheel. We went around for 3 rotations, giving us plenty of time to get a great view of Niagara Falls and take a few pictures too. (The windows are even tinted to help visitors get awesome lighting for pictures - incredible.)

From there, we headed to the observation deck. It was pretty busy, but we were able to squeeze in for a few pictures. We watched some of the boat tours go and questioned how some people have survived barreling down the falls.

Overall, it was a short trip, but worth it. I'll be putting it back on my list to experience some of the other things they have available.