The Cheapest Time of Year to Travel

As a travel blogger and travel agent, I spend quite a bit of my time looking at travel deals. It's both calming and tempting. I like to keep track of sales, discounts, and other promotions so I know when to book my trips. Travel is tricky because small details matter. Choosing a garden view room instead of an ocean view room could save you hundreds. Being flexible with your dates, choosing a standard room on a lower floor, and being okay with crappy flight times will all help you.

Another major factor in saving money is the time of year. Early March until late April is going to be one of the most expensive times to travel. This is when most schools' spring breaks are, so not only will it be more expensive, but it'll also be more crowded. The summertime is also a popular time to travel, especially for families.

In order to determine the cheapest time of the year to travel, you'll need to know where you're going. Each destination has an "off-season" where the prices drop by a few hundred dollars. The off-season is when the tourist traffic slows down, usually because of changes in the weather.

For quite a few places, you'll see a significant drop in prices in late September and early October. It may not be the most convenient way to travel, but it will save you some money.






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