North Florida Fair

Before I dive into this, I should probably tell you I am completely bias. Fairs/festivals are my FAVORITE. The food, the rides, the games, the atmosphere, the people watching... what could be better?

With that being said, the North Florida Fair was ... an experience. Located in Tallahassee, FL, it's one of the biggest fairs I've ever seen. Maybe double the size of a regular county fair. Even still, it was PACKED. I mean, like, you would have ZERO chance of texting and walking successfully. It reminded me a lot of the Charlotte airport actually.

The Food

Keep in mind that I don't eat much meat, and definitely not hot dogs. But... it's the fair. So I had a corndog. Sue me. It was regular old fair food (not very good) and I loved every bite of it. One thing I love about the North Florida Fair is that they bring in local food trucks also. Without the fair I wouldn't know about food truck thursdays at Cascades Park and I wouldn't know a single food truck business.

The Rides

Terrifying. Let's be honest. Fair rides are a different type of fear. It's not like "oh I'm afraid of heights and this goes so fast!"... it's more like "Will I actually make it off this ride?" And I will say, as someone who has been to a ridiculous amount of fairs in her life, the NFF rides are arguably the most terrifying I've ever been on. I realize that most fair rides aren't very secure, but I'm telling you -- these are worse. On one of them, you can actually feel the wheels coming off the track around corners and down hills.

Of course, they have baby rides too, which felt way better. All I'm saying is, if you're planning to go, be wary.

The Games

The games are fair games. They're all rigged. The basketball rims are misshaped and the rings don't actually fit around the bottles. That's how it goes at every fair. But even still- they're fun. I don't really know how or why, but they are. I like the North Florida Fair because they have more to offer. There's magic shows, pig racing shows, the regular games, a few shops, a dunk tank, and a few games you're more likely to win. The variety of this fair definitely wins out.

The Atmosphere/ People Watching

Listen... people watching at a fair is unrivaled. For those of you wondering, people watching is when you go somewhere and you just take in your surroundings. You quite literally watch the people around you. You'd be surprised at how wildly entertaining it is. People do/say hilarious things while they think nobody is paying attention.

Like I said, this fair is HUGE. Just walking around, you're bound to see/hear something crazy. This particular fair brings out some very interesting characters. We saw a guy with a knife strapped to his thigh... shopping for another knife and strap (for his other thigh I would assume).

All in all

This is one of my favorite fairs. It's insane, it's huge, there's a LOT to do. It's definitely worth the money. Especially considering we only got asked for tickets on 2 of the rides we went on (we rode 5-6 total). If you didn't get a chance to go this year, definitely try for 2019!