List of 18 Countries that Banned Camouflage Clothing

Ah, camouflage. The print that brought us one of my favorite bad jokes of all time: *oH wOW i CaN't SeE yOu".

When traveling, it's crucial to know what's legal/illegal, culturally respectful, and socially acceptable in your destination. Before you travel internationally, do some research so you don't make a silly mistake - like wearing camo in the wrong country.

For many people in the States, camo is worn to show support for our troops. So the thought of banning it might be a little surprising. But these 18 countries have limited camo-wearing to their military. If you plan on going to any of these destinations, be mindful when you pack!

1. Grenada

2. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

3. Barbados

4. Ghana

5. Dominica

6. Antigua and Barbuda

7. Nigeria

8. Jamaica

9. Oman

10. Philippines

11. Saudi Arabia

12. Bahamas

13. St. Lucia

14. Zambia

15. Trinidad and Tobago

16. Uganda

17. South Africa

18. Zimbabwe

The details of why vary from country to country, and the laws (and punishments) vary as well. Some want to be respectful of the sacrifice it takes to be in the military, some don't want civilians being confused with military members, and so on. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you don't pack any camo.