How to Yacht for Cheap

Yachting on a budget seems like an oxymoron. For just a week long yacht charter, it’s just around $10,000 on average. The price only goes up from there (unfortunately). Needless to say - at first glance, it seems like yachts are reserved for the wealthy. Lucky for all of you, I’m broke and boujee.

Instead of renting or buying a yacht, sign up for the experience. Airbnb hosts experiences of all kinds - pilot lessons, walking tours, sailing lessons, food tours, surfing lessons - basically anything you can think of. Similar to how Airbnb lodging is cheaper than staying in regular hotels, Airbnb experiences are cheaper than regular tours. (And some of the experiences you can only find on Airbnb.)

In Miami, you can rent a yacht for around $99/day. In Canada, it’s just $151/day on average. Not every city will offer this experience, but you’d be surprised how many do.

Even if you wanted to reserve the yacht for a week, it would only be around $1,050 - which isn’t so bad compared to $10,000. You can also rent a yacht as an Airbnb stay for as low as $72/night (price depends on location, link to this listing below).

However you choose to go about it, the point is - you CAN make yachting affordable.

$72/night airbnb yacht stay:

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