How to: Book fun things to do on vacation

Trying to book fun things to do on vacation can be frustrating. Hours spent searching the internet, comparing prices that "expire" every hour, and going through the process of booking. You don't always know what you're getting when you sign up for an excursion and the booking process is becoming hell. You have to click through 52 different pages and if you DARE to click away, a pop up ad starts guilt tripping you - "Enter your email for updates and deals". The only other option? "No, I hate saving money" or "No, I hate having fun".

For any companies reading this, I just want you to know, that has NEVER made me enter my email address and ALWAYS leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

While you're looking for fun things to do, keep in mind that these companies want/NEED to sell their products/services to survive. So even if a button says the price "expires" in 24 hours, chances are it's not going to be much different the next day. Don't feel rushed in your decision. Ask as many questions as you need to before purchasing a tour.

A few questions I always ask:

- How long is the tour? (I start to get antsy after about 3 hours.)

- What should I wear? (Close-toe shoes? Activewear? My swimsuit?)

- Do I need to bring anything specific? (Sunglasses, bandana, etc.)

- If it's longer than 4 hours, will food be provided? (I get hungry easily.)

- How big are the groups? Is the tour private?

- Can I bring my phone/camera? (Boat tours, etc.)

- Is there a shuttle from my hotel to the location?

Those are just some examples to get you rolling. Be sure to ask for prices, the difference in packages, etc.

When it comes to booking an excursion or tour, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Grab some notebook paper and a pen to keep yourself organized. If it's still too much, I'll find you a list of 5 or more fun things to do on your next vacation (any location!) for only $25.

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