Games to Play During Roadtrips

Roadtrips can go one of two ways. They can be a fun, bonding experience or a horrible ride through the 7th layer of Hell. The most important ingredient for a good roadtrip? GOOD PEOPLE TO TRAVEL WITH! Notice I didn't just say "good people".

There are good people and there are good people to travel with. Plenty of people are kind but not many people are "down for whatever" and THAT is who you want on an adventure. Roadtrips are generally uncomfortable. You're shoved in a car that's packed to the brim. You have to try and time your bathroom breaks. Everybody has to agree on music. Everyone needs to focus on hygiene. Snacks need to be agreed upon. Everyone needs to know their role and play it (the driver can't be the DJ, okay? SAFETY FIRST, PEOPLE)

So let's say you've found good people to travel with. They're fun, up-for-anything, flexible, and they don't mind things getting a little weird (or gross). You all agreed on a playlist and everybody knows what they're in charge of. (I'm usually the snack girl but that is... expected.) You're all good and ready to go. You head out on your adventure and burn through your playlist in the first 4 hours... now what?

Oh baby.


1. The Alphabet Game

This is a pretty popular game. It's easy, takes up quite a bit of time, and you can add variations to it easily so everyone can play. This game is usually played in a competitive manner, but for family roadtrips it might be fun to tackle the challenge as a team!

How it works: Find each letter of the alphabet - in order - on billboards, signs, license plates, etc. The first one to get to "Z" wins and you can only use each billboard/sign/license plate for one letter.

For example, let's say Sally and Billy are taking a roadtrip. Sally sees a billboard that says "Pregnant? You've got options!" (She's driving in Florida, obviously.) Sally says: "A!" for the "a" in pregnAnt. However, now that billboard is out. That's okay though, because Billy sees a license plate "TWAMBZ" and shouts "A!" Now, Sally sees that there's also a "B" in the license plate, but she can't use it because Billy already used it for "A".

Now of course, you could make it a group game where you just try to find the next letter - which is great for distracting kids. Or make a rule that you're allowed to use a billboard as many times as you want. Whatever you need to do to make it more fun!

2. Would You Rather?

Would you rather is also a common game, but sometimes roadtrips give you inspiration for even weirder questions.

How it works: Simply ask the question "would you rather" and follow it with two options that no one would typically want.

For example:

Would you rather have nipples for fingers or fingers for nipples?

Would you rather see 10 minutes of your future or 10 minutes of someone you love's future?

Would you rather know when or how you are going to die?

Would you rather your shirts always be two sizes too big or two sizes too small?

Pretty easy, right?

3. Categories

This is basically a remix of a game we played a lot as kids.

How it works: Someone will shout out a topic (weird lays chips flavors, Madonna songs, country songs, NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA teams, types of dogs, things you say when you want someone to leave, etc.) and everyone goes in order to give examples. If you hesitate or can't come up with something, you lose and have to pick the next topic!

For example,

Sally: NBA teams!

Billy: Pistons!

Roy: Knicks!

Pam: Warriors!

Jim: Red wings!

Ah shucks, Jim!!!!! That's an NHL team!!!!!!! UGH

Jim: Justin Timberlake songs, go!

BTW: Yes, I just got done watching The Office so the names are inspired :)

4. I-Spy

No, not the song.

How it works: Each person in the car gets a turn. When it's your turn, you'll look out your window (or around you in the car) and find an object. Grass? Fence? Animal? Billboard? Pole? Bird? The car manual shoved into the back pocket of the passengers seat? Once you've got your object, you'll describe it vaguely and everyone in the car will ask Yes/No questions until they've got the answer.

For example,

Sally: I spy with my little eye something..... pink.

Billy: Is it... that billboard?

Sally: nope!

Billy: Is it... Pam's shirt?

Sally: nope!

Pam: Is it... Billy's phone case?

Sally: yes!!! Billy's turn!

5. 6 Degrees of Separation

This is a little more difficult and requires more brain power, BUT it can also be hilarious beyond measure so........ worth it.

How it works: Pick two people in the world (ANY two people) and try to connect them with 6 people or less.

For example:

People: Obama and Kim Kardashian

- Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West

- Kanye West has had meetings with Donald Trump

- Donald Trump has had meetings with Obama

Okay, so, that was a pretty easy example BUT you get the point. It's even more fun if you try with people from your hometown that "shouldn't" know each other.

6. Rhyme Time

It's exactly what it sounds like.

How it works: Someone will say a word and the rest of the car has to come up with words that rhyme. If you repeat, hesitate, or can't think of one - you lose! And you have to pick the next word to rhyme.

For example:

Sally: Blue!

Billy: Too

Sally: Shoe

Billy: .................

Sally: you lose :/

Billy: ok fine, new word - Cow!

Sally: wow!

.... You get the point.

7. Celebrity Replacement

This may or may not be my favorite game.

How it works: One person will pretend to be any celebrity (without telling the rest of the car who they are). Everyone else asks questions and the "celebrity" will give answers as if they were in a real interview. It's up to the rest of the car to figure out who they are!

Billy: How did you become famous? Sally: I was on a reality TV show.

Billy: Where was it based?

Sally: Los Angeles, CA.

Billy: Are you........ Lauren Conrad?

Sally: OMG yes!

Okay, so I know what you're all thinking. "There's no way Billy guessed that so fast!" And maybe he didn't, or maybe he knew Sally was obsessed with our girl LC. Either way, now you understand the game!

There are plenty of fun games to play in the car. These just happen to be 7 that I really love and personally play myself. What are your favorite games to play during a good roadtrip?

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