Ever Dreamt of Being a Pilot? Ultimate Aviator Experience Review - Miami, Florida, USA

I'm very much so a "bucket list" traveler. I like to go places that have crazy, unique things to do. I like having experiences that I know will be a great story. So when I saw the Ultimate Aviator Experience on AirBnB, I knew I had to take the opportunity. For only $125, you get the pilot experience and it counts as the first hour of training towards your pilot's license! I'm not planning on becoming a pilot, I just thought it was really cool and pretty affordable.

The place was really easy to find and there were signs the entire way. I parked and one of the instructors, Esteban, picked me up in a golf cart. He walked me through what was going to happen and reassured that I'd be okay. Paul, a different instructor (the most experienced they have), would be flying with me. The plane was similar to a driver's ed. car. Paul had his own wheel and pedals... just in case. He did all the pedal work and I did most of the wheel work.

When I pulled on the runway before takeoff, there was a quick thought of "oh God, what have I done?" But it was too late at that point so... off we went! The ride lasted a little over an hour and included some beautiful views and even a few tricks.

Everyone who worked there was so great to us. They answered any calls/texts quickly, they always had an answer, and they never hesitated to try and make it a great experience for us. The company was great and the experience was so worth the price. I gave them a 5 star review on AirBnB and I'll give them a 10/10 here!

For those looking for the experience: https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/156803657