Black Friday Travel Deals 2018-- Travel Deal Tuesday?

I'm sure you've heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But what about Travel Deal Tuesday?

Yeah, honestly, me either.

BUT apparently, it's a thing.

So far, here's what I've found: flights from Allegiant, WOW Air, Southwest Airlines, and more are part of the deals this season and I am SO READY FOR IT. Cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises both had deals for Black Friday. Travel booking sites like Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity will have different discounts throughout the weekend.

Before we get specific, DON'T FORGET TO READ THE DETAILS! Before you get excited about a travel deal, remember to read every little detail. And after you've read it once, READ IT AGAIN. Some of these deals only apply to trips booked from January- April 2019, some of them are non refundable, some of them you find when you search "roundtrip" but it's really a one way price, some of them are not what they seem! Please, please, please, do your due diligence.

Okay... now to the point. Here are some Cyber Monday travel deals:

Wow Air: Boston to Amsterdam $99, Chicago to Brussels $99, Los Angeles to Reykjavik $69...

Southwest Airlines: Atlanta to Nashville $65, Providence to Washington, D.C. $60, San Fran to Vegas $49...

Priceline: Up to 60% off hotel bookings, Airfare starting at $150 roundtrip, Up to 50% off flights, Up to 40% off car rentals...

Princess Cruises: All destinations on sale

Travelocity: 20-40% off certain hotels

Expedia: 90% off app coupon, $100 off certain flights, new coupons from 9 am- 3 pm Cyber Monday

Orbitz: Use promo code THANKFUL... save between 30-60%

CheapOair: Use code cmonday to save up to $60 off fees!

Those are great, right? Well... rumor is that Travel Deal Tuesday is supposed to be EVEN BETTER SALES. My heart is racing typing this. I'm smiling ear to ear. So let's talk about these rumors.

Travel Deal Tuesday is just a few years old, so many companies don't advertise their deals just yet. To me, it's like a "leftover day" from Cyber Monday. But just because they don't advertise doesn't mean the deals aren't there! Last year, some airlines had international flights almost 50% off. After hours of research, I couldn't find much. All I know is that you can expect up to 40% off of flights and hotel stays in bucket list destinations like: Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney, Miami, and more! (That's not with a specific airline.)

All I know is this- if you've been wanting to take a vacation, and you have time to go in the next three months... THIS IS THE TIME TO BOOK IT!

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