Best Las Vegas, Nevada Weekend Itinerary | Mini Itini

Sin city calling your name? Between the shows, the casinos, the food, and the clubs, there's really no place like Vegas. If you're heading there for the weekend, try out some of these places:

Day 1:

8 AM: Wake up and get ready

9 AM: Breakfast @ Mr. Mamas (Laid back diner atmosphere)

10 AM: Stratosphere - The Stratosphere is a hotel, tower and casino that offers attractions like an observation deck and skyjump, which looks like a bungee jump from the tower. With a pool, thrill rides, awesome food and drinks, and high quality entertainment, you'll definitely want to carve out some time to visit this place.

12:30 PM: Lunch @ Vegenation (Plant-based menu with favorites like burgers, stew, etc.)

2 PM: Shark Reef Aquarium - An aquarium that holds 1,300,000 gallons of water, making it one of the largest in North America. Entry for adults is $25 and kids aged 4-12 are $19.

5 PM: Dinner @ Mama Rabbit Mezcal + Tequila Bar - With gorgeous, bright, colorful walls and amazing cocktails, you'll find it hard to leave. Their menu consists mostly of appetizers but who's to say you aren't going to go for a late night Taco Bell run later anyway?

7 PM: Neon Museum - Opened in 1996, this museum highlights old signs from Vegas casinos, restaurants, and more. Call ahead before making your plan to get information about tickets, reservations, tours, etc.

9 PM: Drinks at 107 SkyLounge (Rooftop bar with great views and better cocktails)

Day 2:

8 AM: Wake up and get ready

9 AM: Breakfast @ Blueberry Hill (Family owned diner with high quality ingredients and food made from scratch)

10 AM: Land Sailing Tour - With just a sail and a contraption that looks like a go-kart and a tricycle had a baby, you could be blazing through the desert without an engine or even too much wind. I can't explain how it works, but you can go 3-4x as fast as the wind.

1 PM: Lunch @ SkinnyFATS (The menu here is half-healthy and half-not healthy, so everyone in your group can find something that works for them.)

2:30 PM: CSI Experience - Live out your dream of being a detective by trying to solve a triple homicide. With special effects and a crime lab to give you a hands-on experience, there's nothing like it.

5 PM: Fountains of Bellagio - Each night, these fountains dance to music with a light show that is free for anyone walking by.

6 PM: Dinner @ La Monja (Contemporary Mexican restaurant)

9 PM: ARIA Casino - This hotel/casino is rated Top 10 for Vegas hotels and Vegas casinos on multiple lists. The casino is extremely slot-friendly, so if that's your cup of tea, this is your place! There's also nightlife and restaurants within the hotel if you need a new scene throughout the night.