Bar 145 Toledo, Ohio Review

Like I've said in other food reviews, I am PICKY. I rarely eat meat, especially burgers, just because the cooking of it makes me nervous. I always feel like it's going to come undercooked and make me sick, or overcooked and be inedible. It usually stresses me out enough that I just order vegetables.

However, when I went to go visit Bar 145, I decided to go out on a limb a little bit. The Executive Head Chef, Tommy Bloom, clearly cares about what he does and I trusted him. He recently came back to work for Bar 145 and I can see a difference in the food.

For starters, cheeseburger egg roll bites and pretzel bites. The pretzel bites looked like buckeyes - I have no idea if this is on purpose or not, but as on Ohio State fan, I found it to be adorable. They were exactly how pretzel bites should be - soft, chewy, DELICIOUS. The cheese dip they came with was thin and usually I like mine thick so it doesn't run off the pretzels. But I have to say, I think that thick cheese dip would've overpowered and ruined the bites. In short, the bites were perfect and the cheese sauce went perfectly with them.

Now about these cheeseburger egg rolls. Let me remind you, I don't like mixing foods. I don't like when my foods touch. So when my dad ordered these, I was a little bit... nervous. But I tried to have a little faith. They come with mustard, ketchup, and mayo. I hate mayo so I put ketchup and mustard on mine. WHEN I TELL YOU I WOULD EAT THREE PLATES OF THESE ... I'm so serious. I'm pretty sure they cooked it using magic. The egg roll never fell apart, the meat was juicy and flavorful, the ratio was amazing.

I really couldn't believe how great everything was. Usually when I go out to eat, everything is just okay. It's just tolerable because of how picky I am. But I was happily surprised.

So, it was time to order. I decided to stack my own burger. Medium well, ghost pepper jack cheese, pickles, fried jalapeños, hot sauce, and ranch. I chose mac and cheese for my side.

The burger was cooked just like the cheeseburger egg rolls- juicy, flavorful, not too thick, not too thin. The fried jalapeños were much better than expected. Usually when you eat a fried jalapeño, you bite in and then it all falls apart and goes all over the place and then your tongue is burnt and you don't even get to taste it on your sandwich anymore. I was able to actually bite through these peacefully, which I really appreciated.

One of my usual complaints about burgers/sandwiches is that restaurants will put two little round pickles on. Two? That does not cover the entire bun and that is not what I signed up for. I want some pickle in every bite!! This burger had that, without me having to ask for it. Another great surprise.

The ghost pepper cheese was HOT. If you don't like spicy, I'd stay away from it. But as someone who lives and dies by spicy food... I could eat it every day. Overall, it's one of the best burgers I've ever had.

NOW LET'S TALK MAC AND CHEESE... BECAUSE... WOW. It was the perfect combination of baked and "slippery" cheese, as I call it. They used cavatappi noodles to hold the cheese together and let's just say, it worked. The bread crumbs on top were in perfect ratio to the noodles and I could not stop eating it. First of all, I'm lactose intolerant... I should not be eating mac and cheese. I planned on eating half so I could at least try it. But even after I was full, I could not stop eating it. This mac and cheese literally made me lose my self control.

I can't end this review without talking about the French Onion soup. My sister ordered it and hasn't stopped raving since. It was light but filling, spicy but not too hot. The cheese was easy to separate, which made it easier to eat, and the croutons didn't go everywhere when she bit into them. She highly recommends it to everybody and anybody.

On top of the food being awesome, the service was great too. Granted, there weren't too many tables in there but that doesn't always guarantee good service, so I appreciated it.

I would say that if you're ever in Toledo, Ohio, it's a must try. The new menu comes out November 26, 2018 so keep an eye out!

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