8 Museums in the U.S. that Will Keep You Entertained for Hours

1. Museum of Death - Hollywood, California and New Orleans, Louisiana

This museum is pretty intense, so if you've got kids with you - beware. With real crime scene photographs, Manson family memorabilia, and serial killer artwork, this place can be overwhelming for anyone. But if you're into true crime (like myself), it's a cool pit stop. It takes about an hour to get through and you can't buy tickets online or in advance, but no worries. The site promises that they never sell out. Tickets are $15 or $17 depending on location.

2. Museum of Sex - New York City, New York

Imagine a bouncy castle of boobs ... yes it EXISTS. Daily admission is only $16.50 and you can choose between a guided tour or just roaming around. You'll probably learn more with a guide, but you might be able to spend more time at each exhibit if you roam on your own.

3. Museum of Ice Cream - San Francisco and NYC

This museum is more similar to an art exhibit than a historic museum. They've got a pool filled with sprinkles and a cave made out of rock candy - do you really need to know anything more? Tickets are $38/person and include plenty of free samples.

4. International UFO Museum - Roswell, New Mexico

Admission is $5 and this museum is pet-friendly (love that). Get up to date on all of the UFO sightings, alien encounters, and government cover-ups. The museum is small, but filled to the brim with newspaper clippings, videos, photographs, and more. You really, really, REALLY, won't believe your eyes.

5. Voodoo Museum - New Orleans, Louisiana

This museum is more than just artifacts and anecdotes. After you're done walking through, stay awhile longer for a psychic reading or a special ritual. If you want more time in their world, take a tour of the cemetery. For all this museum has to offer, it's one of the best deals you can get. Tickets are $7 - that's right. SEVEN. S-E-V-E-N.

6. Museum of Man - San Diego, California

Located in Balboa park, this museum is one of my favorites that I've been to. With all kinds of exhibits: from race, to secrets, to cannibals - there's something interesting around every corner. For those of us with short attention spans, this is our place. Tickets are $13 and afterwards you can walk around the park for some fresh air.

7. LSD Museum - San Francisco, California

So this is... a little different. There's no real hours, and it's basically just a home with lots and lots of LSD art (and artifacts!). If you're wondering, LSD art is just art... made out of LSD. The owner is a huge advocate, and has actually won a few court cases defending his art.

8. Museum of the American Gangster - New York City

For those fascinated by organized crime and speakeasies, the Museum of the American Gangster is your cup of tea. Stop by for a guided tour to hear stories you won't believe, or guide yourself to give yourself enough time to soak all of the information in. Tickets are $20 and if you've got a group over 10, contact them before showing up so they can offer the best experience.

9. Salem Witch Museum - Salem, Massachusetts

We all know about the Salem Witch Trials - there's been books written, movies made, and plenty of analysis done. But if you're looking for more details, personal accounts, or items involved in the 1962 series of hearings and trials accusing women of witchcraft, the Salem Witch Museum is the place to go. Tickets are $13 for the day - super affordable!

What's your favorite museum?

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