7 Tips For Going on a Rum Tour

7. Be aware that the tour will end in the gift shop.

Before you go chugging all of the tasters, keep in mind that the tour will end with you surrounded by things you don't need that happens to be 3x the regular price. That mug that looks like it'll melt in the dishwasher? $40. That t-shirt that will shrink 3 sizes the first time in the dryer? $80.

Most drunk people could justify buying both of those things. And if you've never been drunk shopping, just know it's basically your inner child coming out to live its dreams of buying everything in the store without a care in the world.

6. Be respectful of your guide.

Listen. Get off your phones. Make eye contact. Make conversation. Ask questions. They've spent a long time memorizing the history, the process, and the fun facts about the factory. Make their day a little easier by being a good tour member.

5. Take an Uber/Lyft/Taxi.

Don't drink and drive. Just don't do it.

Some factory tours have shuttles running throughout the day, and others will help you set up transportation if you can't find an Uber or Lyft.

4. Make sure you're hydrated.

This goes without saying, but stay hydrated! You can ask if you're able to bring your own or you can get some from the bar before and after the tour. Trust me when I say, you're about to drink way more alcohol than you think. Prepare yourself.

3. Look your best.

Because drunk pictures can be heinous.


Like I said in tip 4, you're about to drink more than you think. I remember reading the description and thinking "oh, that's not so bad. I'll barely be tipsy." And somehow, someway... I walked out of the gift shop broke. On the bright side, my experience wasn't as bad as the two girls in my group who ended up puking for most of the tour.

Eat before to avoid getting sick, or just too drunk. You don't want to lose your wits - or your lunch.

1. Budget sober.

Take out enough cash to cover your costs for the entire tour + any gifts you want. Then, make drunk you promise sober you that you WILL NOT SWIPE THE CARD. Say it with me:

I will not swipe my card.

I will not swipe my card.

I will not swipe my card.

I will not swipe my card.

It only works about 60% of the time, because drunk you will start saying things like "well. If I swipe his card, then technically...it's fine."

But it might help. And on the off chance it does, it might prevent you from spending $40 on a vase. (Yes, that was oddly specific. Yes, it may be connected to personal experience. Not the point.)


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