5 Rad Date Ideas

Okay let's get one thing straight - movies and dinners as first dates are AWKWARD. And awkward first dates suck. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, love is in the air! It's only right that I help you find the coolest date ideas. Here's what I found:

1. Create something together

There are plenty of fun art classes that won't break your bank. Pottery, painting, whatever sounds fun! You don't have to be the world's best artist to have a good time and it gives both of you something to remember the night with. It's lighthearted, memorable, thoughtful, AND fun even if you're bad at it.

2. Have a healthy competition

Whether you choose mini golf or arcade games, having a competitive first date is awesome. Playing a game creates conversation naturally so there's less awkward silence. It's also a good distraction from being nervous! If you're smart, you'll even let your date win so you can ask for a rematch ;)

3. Take a tour

Of the city, of a brewery in town, of the art museum... anywhere! Obviously, every city has different tours available but you should be able to find one anywhere. Taking a tour is interesting, it creates conversation for you, and it encourages less phone use.

4. Set up a scavenger hunt

This one takes a little bit of thought and preparation. You can make it a competition or you can team up together. Scavenger hunts are always fun. They bring out the goofiness in people so you can really enjoy each other's company.

Here's an example list:

- take photos in a photobooth together

- go to a restaurant and order your favorite meal for the other person (and vice versa)

- find an item of clothing with a heart on it

You get the point. It's FUN

5. Thrift date

I've always loved this idea because it's unique, fun, and cheap. The trifecta. Basically, you find a thrift store, set a spending limit ($10 or $20 for each person is fine), and you pick out outfits for one another. You can add a little extra spice to it by agreeing to go out afterwards in the outfits you chose. You can let your guard down, be goofy, and really get to know them.

What's the most fun date you've ever been on?