5 Tips For Insta-Worthy Beach Pics

1. Soak up the sun

When taking pictures on the beach, be aware of where the sun is. I know how tempting sunset pictures are (and some are VERY cute), but if you want to be more than a silhouette... make sure the sun is hitting you from the front! Lighting is SO IMPORTANT (mostly because shadows are sooooo hard to edit).

2. Angles, angles, angles

Let your cameraman know to hit some dope angles. Close ups, candids, unique perspectives - try them all!! Remember that things that are closer to the camera look bigger...so don't forget to tilt the camera to emphasize your best assets. Need inspiration? Check out Pinterest, Instagram, or WeHeartIt. Search for "beach pics", "bikini", etc.

3. Use props

Grab a pineapple, use your water bottle, your phone, or even your cover-up or towel to make posing a little easier. Find something that you can pretend to use for a great candid. Props might be awkward (okay they're USUALLY awkward), but just own it. Fake it til you make it, baby!!!! DO IT FOR THE GRAM!!!

4. Strike a pose (or three)

Hike your bottoms on the side, lift your heels an inch off the sand, put one foot forward, fix your posture, kneel on your towel... SO MANY OPTIONS. Make sure to take pictures in a few different poses so you can pick your favorite!

5. Make yourself the center of attention!

The water is pretty, the view is beautiful, but don't let a nice background overshadow you. Instead of standing ankle deep in the water 15 feet away from the camera... get up close and personal!! YOU are what makes your pictures insta-worthy :)