The Tale of The Christmas Weed Tree

How does your hometown do Christmas? Hanging lights on all the trees on Main Street? Holding an annual Christmas ball? Having a week long Christmas market?

Toledo, Ohio decided to celebrate this year with a community christmas tree on one of the main intersections. The catch? It's an overgrown weed.

At first, it started with just some tinsel around a weed that had sprouted through the sidewalk. Other members of the community saw it, thought it was funny, and brought "christmas presents" and lights to add to the tree. And now, just days later, it has morphed into something that nobody saw coming.

Toledoans are now dropping off necessities for the homeless... blankets, scarves, toothbrushes, and more. There's something to be said about a community that can take a joke and turn it into kindness.

In recent years, I think the spirit of Christmas has fallen off quite a bit. It's been overshadowed by all of the chaos we experience daily - arguments (political and otherwise), crime, money troubles - you name it. Christmas is supposed to be the one time of year when you let go of selfish worry. It's supposed to be this month-long time period where you put your best foot forward. You hold the door, you pay for coffee for the person behind you, you volunteer, you do SOMETHING to be kind.

Although you can google Toledo and find some ... interesting... stories (camel on the loose, anybody?), the Christmas Weed Tree doesn't surprise me one bit. This is the same community that happened to catch a video of a man giving the coat off his back to a homeless man last Christmas.

Maybe I'm getting older or maybe Christmas is changing... honestly, it's probably both. Either way, there's been a lot less Christmas Spirit and a lot more complaining. It's heartwarming to see that all it takes is one person. It takes one act of ~Christmas Spirit Kindness~ to light the fire. It might just be holding the door, or hanging some lights, but you never know how it'll grow. A piece of tinsel turned into a donation drop off... THAT is Christmas Spirit. We need more of that. We need more of working together. We need more of trying to make each other smile. We need more of helping each other. We need more community.

What's one way you've shared the Christmas Spirit this season?

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