8 Ideas for Weekend Getaways

Everyone needs a change of scenery now and again but finding a weekend getaway spot can be difficult. You can't go too far, but you want to go far enough that it feels new to you. I've came up with 8 Ideas to help you plan your weekend getaways.

8. Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks are all over the place. Cedar Point, Soak City, Six Flags, Disney, Busch Gardens, Wild Adventures, the list goes on. I ranked Amusement Parks at #8 because they can be pretty expensive, but in the grand scheme of things, they shouldn't be too bad for your pockets (except Disney. Disney hurts your pockets, period). However, a lot of amusement parks will offer deals if you stay at one of the hotels they suggest. You might get deals on tickets, or food, but it helps a little bit.

Amusement Parks made the list because they're typically worth every penny - Cedar Point especially. Between the rides, the games, and the food, you'll be smiling all day.

7. Concerts

Concerts hit #7 because they can be affordable... or insanely expensive. Either way, hitting a new city for a concert is a really great way to spend a weekend. Let's say the concert is expensive- so, you show up Saturday and get a bite to eat. Then you've got a few hours to kill- explore the city, check out some local joints. After that, your whole night is already planned for you! It makes planning a little bit less intimidating, and let's face it- concerts are just rad.

6. National Parks/Nature Trails

National Parks/Nature Trails secured #6 because some are free, some cost a few dollars, and some cost .... more than I would like them to. Planning a weekend dedicated to nature can be dope. Fresh air is virtually guaranteed to refresh your mind and that's something everybody needs sometimes. Plus, some of these parks/trails offer really rad activities like kayaking or archery classes. If you're looking to have a reflective weekend, this might be something you want to consider.

5. Historical Landmarks

Historical Landmarks are way cooler than everyone gives them credit for. It's epic to be somewhere that something so important happened it made history. However, Historical Landmarks gets placed at #5 because they either take 6+ hours or 30 minutes, and I'm someone who loves to have a schedule for the day. These are cool to create weekend getaways around because typically, where there's one- there's many.

4. City-specific Adventures

City-specific Adventures slides in at #4 because these are so unique. For example, some things that would be in this category: The Corn Palace (Mitchell, South Dakota), Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo, Texas), The Gateway Arch (St. Louis, Missouri), etc. These are activities that are only available when you're in THAT city. Some of these places, because they're so unique, are pretty expensive... but, on the other hand, it's cool to say that you did something rare.

3. Sporting Events

Sporting Events come in at #3 because they bring people together. Meeting people at tailgates and bonding over your team (and beer) is unmatched, honestly. Weekends around sporting events are great because you generally have everything you need all on one side of town. The game, the best restaurants, and the cutest shops, are more than likely all near each other. This gives you the opportunity to walk the area and really get familiar with it... maybe even meet a local or two. Now, these tickets can be expensive too. Do a little research before you just jump in!

2. Museums

Museums take #2 because they're typically inexpensive and well worth the money. You can easily spend 2+ hours in a museum and if it's about something you really care about, it can be rad to get new information about things you like. Museums don't just have to be about war history or art. There's museums for candy, crime, aliens... you name it! No matter what you're interested in, many museums hold classes and seminars so you can get behind the scenes of what you really love. Molding a weekend around a museum can be awesome because they're affordable, interesting, and don't take too much time (unless you want them to).

1. New Experiences

CAN I GET A DRUM ROLL PLEASE?! Stealing the #1 spot is New Experiences. And I have a feeling a lot of you are thinking - yeah, duh...that's kind of the point of getting away for a weekend. But hold the attitude and hear me out. There's so much you haven't experienced simply because you haven't thought of it. Not many people wake up and thinking "I want to go throw axes!" or "I want to dine with robots!" or "I want to ride on a life like mario kart course!" but now that you heard it... I bet it sounds intriguing. My point is that you don't know what you don't know. Google "unique experiences in XYZ" or just in general. Try something completely out of the box and see if you like it.

Planning weekends around new experiences is my favorite. 10/10 recommend. These experiences vary in prices and time lengths, but each time it's worth it. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone is important for growing as a person, so you might as well make it fun.

What's your favorite way to plan a weekend getaway? What's the craziest weekend getaway you've ever been on?

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