How to: Find fun things to do on vacation

Finding fun things to do on vacation can be difficult. Some people spend hours upon hours trying to figure out what they want to do on vacation... if anything.

I know quite a few people that plan a trip by booking a hotel and a flight and calling it a day. If that's you and that's how to like to vaca, more power to you. But I think there's a lot of value in taking a day or two out of your vacation to experience something new. Whether you're experiencing culture, facing a fear, doing something you've never done, or just doing something you love in a new place, it'll add to your overall vacation experience by allowing you to get involved in your surroundings.

Excursions and tours can be affordable if you're looking in the right places. For example, the Bacardi Rum Tasting Tour in Puerto Rico was about $40. Not bad for about 5 hours and some free drinks.

The easiest way to find fun things to do, in my opinion, is to pick your destination first. Even if it's just a general destination (such as "Aruba" instead of the city you're staying in), it'll give you something to go off of. If you haven't picked a destination yet, start with a list of three places you may want to go. From there, check out TripAdvisor. They have one of the best websites for finding things to do. They'll give a complete list, lists by category (watersports, national parks, etc.), and all of the information about the experience underneath it. (Pictures are also included!)

If that doesn't help any, take it to Google.

"5 fun things to do in Aruba"

"10 things to do in Puerto Rico"

"Watersports in Canada"

Figure out what you like or want to do. Do you like shopping? Look for malls. Enjoy the beach? Check out watersports or water excursions. Love a good view? See if they have any national parks or hiking trails nearby. Big drinker? Look for tasting tours. Like sports? See if there's a big game going on while you're in town.

The quickest way to get a few ideas is to call your hotel (or a hotel in the area) and ask them for recommendations. They typically partner with tour/excursion companies. This means they might be able to offer discounts and/or transportation.

If you get overwhelmed (which can easily happen), I'll do the work for you. I'll find 5+ fun things to do in the destination of your choice for only $25 dollars. Head over to the Services page or fill out a form under Contact and I'll get back to you within 48 hours. Let's vaca!