Splash Park Aruba

Growing up, Wipeout was one of my favorite shows. Watching people try to jump around a wet obstacle course? Hilarious, no matter what. I can remember watching and thinking "okay it isn't THAT hard". Well, a decade or so later, I can tell you- it IS that hard.

While in Aruba, we decided to stop into Oranjestad at Splash Park Aruba. It's a giant inflatable water park (picture Wipeout or American Ninja Warrior type arena), right next to Surfside Beach. They've got slides, walls to climb, monkey bars, trampolines, and more. My inner child was jumping up and down (okay... my adult self may have been jumping up and down too). As soon as I got my lifejacket buckled, I ran for the water and dragged my dad along with me. Cheers to him for being a champ!

I know it looks like a place you'd want to spend your entire day but trust me, one hour is more than enough. It's way harder than Wipeout/ American Ninja Warrior contestants make it look.

For more details check out Splash Park Aruba's website: https://www.splashparkaruba.com/