Dabbling in Danger at Detroit Axe

Detroit Axe is "Metro Detroit's first wholly dedicated competitive axe throwing arena", according to their website. Now, listen. When I first heard about this place, the only thing that came to mind is how dangerous it must be. What if you drop an axe on your foot? What if one flies at you from across the room? And as my mind was running rampant, I heard they had a bar too. Alcohol and axes?!?!?! IN THIS DAY AND AGE????

I'm in.

It took us a little while to actually find the place. Some might dare to say it's hidden. There's a restaurant called "The Corner" and Detroit Axe is directly above it - with no signs indicating Detroit Axe actually exists. So we headed into The Corner and directly upstairs, hoping for the best. The host informed us that typically they put people in groups of 10 or so. Luckily, we had come exactly an hour before leagues began so not many people were there. Our group was just my mama and I, so we got to learn 2 throwing methods and 3 games.

Each group gets an instructor. Mike, our instructor, had us feeling like professionals after the first few throws. If we missed the target at all, he knew exactly what to fix. He'd tell us to turn our toes in or move our left foot up a few inches and the next throw was always on target. It was a little weird, actually. I don't even think I've ever had a coach that good. So if you go, I highly suggest him.

Not long after we started, we came to the conclusion that axe throwing is my secret talent. Maybe it was Mike's teaching or maybe I was an axe thrower in a past life, but I was hitting the bullseye like nobody's business. I doubt it'll ever come in handy but it was a pretty good ego boost and an even better workout. On top of that, it was the most fun I've had in a long time.

The game itself is fun. The staff was great. There's alcohol and food available. People of all shapes and sizes (above the age of 14) can play. It's worth every penny and I'll definitely be going back.

For more information on pricing, reservations, location, etc., visit http://www.detroitaxe.com/

To check out my awesome throwing skills, check out @adventureswithanna_ on Instagram.