Nashville for the Night

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, I had the opportunity to take two of my best friends up to the Midwest for a week. From school to my house is a two-day drive (or at least, it is for me- about 16 total hours). Lucky for me, my 21st birthday was the Saturday after our week off. Since it is a two-day drive, we left on Friday, and that put us in Tennessee for my birthday. It was like God was just begging us to go to Nashville- so we did.

We arrived at approximately 5 pm, and headed out by 6:30. Our first stop was at a hotel called The Westin. They have a rooftop bar with a modern vibe. There's an infinity pool and a gorgeous view of downtown Nashville. The drinks are a bit pricy (for kids on a college budget), but the view is worth it. From there, we went to grab food and a drink or two at Rippy's. It's a BBQ joint just a few blocks from Westin. There's live music on each of its floors and for $20, you can request any song. We found that to be a little expensive, so we just occasionally shouted out song names in hopes that a fellow customer would want to hear it enough to pay the $20 fee. The food was incredibly delicious and the service itself was pretty good. The only real complaint I had was that our server bent our ID's so much (trying to figure out if they were fake), that two of the ID's are stuck bent now.

We went to Tootsie's (the oldest bar in Nashville), the FGL house, Crazy Town, and a few other bars. They all had awesome live music and most of the bars have more than one floor. We never had to pay cover and the bartenders at each were quick and friendly. There's karaoke, line-dancing, hot dogs stands everywhere, people dancing, you name it. It was one of the most fun cities I've visited.

Sitting on a couch at The Westin's rooftop bar.