How can I calculate my expenses for my travel?

Figuring out how much you'll be spending is always stressful. You don't want to forget or underestimate anything. You'll want to be sure to include food, sleeping arrangements, gas, rental car fees (if necessary), "adventuring money", cabs/Ubers/Lyfts, parking, etc. For more details, check out my article "Calculating Travel Expenses" under the "Adventuring on a Budget" tab.

2. How do I find unique places to see?

My personal favorite website is www.atlasobscura.com. It's easy to use and has some great ideas. It allows for others to add places, so locals can give you the best tips.

3. How many places can you stop in a day?

This is 100% up to you. It depends where you're going, how long you'll be driving, how long you want to be driving, what you're desperate to see, what times the sights are open, etc. How many places you're going to stop is something to consider before you start your roadtrip. The best thing to do is write down the hours of operation for all of your sights and how long it will take to get from one place to the next. Include time for food on top of that, and from there you can add whatever you want!

4. What’s the best way to divide the costs of a roadtrip?

In my roadtripping, I've found that it's usually best to go one-for-one on gas. I'll fill up the tank, then my passenger will, and so on. As for hotels, it's best to split it in half. Venmo (or other similar apps) can be a lifesaver during travel. That way you can put the hotel room on your card and your passenger can pay you right then and there without any actual cash involved or making the concierge at the hotel scramble. For parking and tolls, go one-for-one. It may not be exactly split but it'll be very close. Everything else should be paid for individually (food, entry fees, etc.)

5. What are our options for sleeping?

Many people think that going on a roadtrip means sleeping in a hotel or their car every night. Those are definitely options, but not the only two. There are great websites such as Airbnb and Vrbo now, where people will rent their property to you for a very discounted price. (Example: An apartment in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois was $40 for a night.) Also, don't forget about campsites and cabins!

*Note: This post will continue to grow as the blog does. Feel free to email me any further questions.