15 of the Most Interesting Festivals in the United States

1. Underwater Music Festival, FL

In the Lower Keys in July, musicians and divers gather to raise awareness for coral preservation and to party underwater. Ocean-themed music is blasted through underwater speakers while divers play "instruments" such as the "trombonefish" and "manta-lin" underwater created by local artist, August Powers. The event takes place the Saturday after the 4th of July each year at the Looe Key Reef, which happens to be North America's only living Coral Reef.

2. Duct Tape Festival, OH

Every June, this festival is held in Avon, Ohio. The community gets together to celebrate the household favorite that is duct tape. With a parade featuring duct tape floats, music, games, and a movie showing, this 3-day festival is one you won't forget.

3. UFO Festival - NM

The UFO Festival is in Roswell, New Mexico, which happens to also be the home of the International UFO Museum and Research Center. They have parades, a costume contest, a pet costume contest, music, speakers, a movie showing, and more. Celebrate UFO and alien controversies by dressing up and having the time of your life - you might even learn a thing or two.

4. Wayne Chicken Show - Nebraska

Each year on the second Saturday in July, Wayne, Nebraska holds The Chicken Show. The name of the festival came from the creators thinking it would make for easy art materials. I mean, what's funnier than chickens, right? Festival goers can enjoy a parade, chicken-themed contests, food, entertainment, music, and dancing.

5. San Fermin - New Orleans

San Fermin, or "The Running of the Bulls" in New Orleans celebrates the Encierro of Pamplona, Spain. The only difference? The "bulls" in San Fermin are actually roller derby skaters in roller skates with blow up horns on their helmets and plastic bats in their hands.

6. Mothman Festival - West Virginia

Mothman is a red-eyed, giant-winged creature that was allegedly spotted in 1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. That sighting is now celebrated annually in September with the Mothman Festival. You can dance to live music, eat good food, shop around, visit the Mothman Museum, and listen to entertaining speakers. It's a family-friendly festival so bring everybody along!

7. World of Faeries Festival - Illinois

If you're more into family quests, tea parties, faerie-esque music, and elves, the World of Faeries Festival is for you. Play with crafts, learn about guitars, or jam out to some harp music.

8. Burning Man Flipside - TX

Inspired by Burning Man, this festival doesn't allow for cash transactions and even discourages bartering. The idea is simple: if you want it, ask. If you have it, gift it away. The art and entertainment is created by those attending the festival. Do some yoga, have some brunch, participate in a ceremony, and support a local artist. This is the perfect festival for those looking to gain a sense of community and express their inner artist.

9. Mike the Headless Chicken Festival - Fruita, CO

This festival is dedicated to celebrating a chicken who had more will to live than any millennial. In 1945, this chicken somehow survived being beheaded, and went right back to doing regular chicken activities as if nothing ever happened. And now, there's an entire festival in his honor. You can run a 5k, watch a poultry show, play in a disc golf tournament, participate in a peep eating contest, listen to live music, and eat your heart out.

10. Fort Wayne Pug Fest - Indiana

The Pug Fest in a fundraising event for a local rescue shelter. All dogs are welcome to tag along as you dance, eat, play games, and enter in giveaways. It's held annually in summer.

11. Roadkill Cook Off - West Virginia

While I'm not the type to drool over "squirrel gravy over biscuits," some of you foodies might be into the ~experience~. This festival is pretty popular, as its been covered by the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the Food Network. Sign up with a team to make your own "delicacy", or come for a taste testing event like no other. Picky eaters stay away.

12. Testicle Festival - Michigan

Now, just like squirrel gravy over biscuits isn't my thing, neither is deep-fried bull testicles. But, again, some of y'all might be into that. If so, come get your deep-fried balls and listen to some awesome music at this ... unique... festival.

**Note: There was also a "Testy Fest" in Montana that was recently shut down because of poor attendance after deaths. The Testicle Festival I'm writing about is located in Deerfield, Michigan.**

13. Eeyore's Birthday Party - Austin, TX

Free admission to this festival makes it an easy favorite. Eeyore's birthday party is a fundraiser for non-profit groups in Austin. It is a costume contest, so wear your best one! Bring your family, your favorite instrument to play as you stroll, and start thinking about what henna you want. You'll even be able to meet Eeyore to tell him happy birthday.

14. Balloon Festival - Albuquerque, NM

Hundreds of hot air balloons will take off during this festival, allowing for a scenic ending to a day filled with great food and better music. This festival happens the first week of October annually and is packed full with events like art walks, shows, and more.

15. Cow Chip Throw Festival - Wisconsin

A cow chip is a dried piece of cow dung. This festival holds a throwing competition, where each participant gets two cow chips to throw as far as possible. There are strict rules and ultimately, the winner is decided by the Chip Judge. This event functions as a fundraiser for non-profits and offers more than just a cow chip throwing competition. There's a parade, arts and crafts fair, food, music, a 5k, a volleyball tournament, and more.


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