10 Actually Fun Things to Keep You Busy on a Long Flight

10. Download a show to your phone from Netflix before you take off and watch it in the air!

Downloading a show is a great (and terrible) idea. It's easily the most entertaining way to stay occupied, but it's also a really quick way to drain your phone battery. If you're going to take this route, don't forget to get a portable charger too.

9. Doodle/Write

Doodling or writing can make time whiz by. You can write/doodle about literally anything... which also means everything... which means you can't really run out of ideas. But make sure to cover your work kids- because your neighbor is probably looking at it.

8. Make a list of 15 things you want to get done this week

If you want to write, but don't want to worry about what the guy in seat 18A will think, make a to-do list. This will (hopefully) lead your week to being more productive and take up some flight time!

7. Think of 10 new ways to make money

They say millionaires have an average of 7 income streams. So what if you had 8? 9? 10? Take some time to think about your talents and strengths. How can you turn them into profit? This is especially great for those right out of college.

6. Clean out your phone

This one is risky. If you know you have pictures you don't want strangers seeing, forget this entirely. But if your phone is pretty PG13, clean it out! Delete old messages, pictures, notes, apps you don't use. It'll feel good to be a little bit organized.

5. Play the "who's a virgin" game

This game will always be funny to me. It's much more fun when you can play with someone else, but for small spaces it's probably best to keep your thoughts in your head. Basically, you just look at the people around you and guess who's a virgin and who's not. You never get to know if you're right, but you'd be surprised at how difficult it can be.

4. Narrate other people's conversations in your head

This is a little bit similar to "who's a virgin?" For this game, you just pick a random person and you make up a story in your head about them. You can talk in 3rd person or in 1st, but 1st is more fun. For example, let's say the business lady across from you is on an iPad. In your head, you could say "I can't believe my plan for becoming CEO is taking so long. Oh god, another email from Michael. I swear he's in love with me. But I could never leave my husband for him." Then sometimes you'll get lucky and two people start having a conversation that you can narrate. It sounds dumb, and honestly, it 100% is. But it's wildly entertaining (and so simple).

3. Talk to the person next to you

Human? Interaction? Wild... I know. But you'd be surprised at who you meet on planes. You might find someone you have something in common with, or someone who has some much needed advice for you, or even someone famous. I was on a plane once with Daddy Yankee and I wouldn't have known if I wouldn't have been talking to the person sitting next to me. (That really happened by the way)

2. Meditate/Reflect

When people hear the word "meditate", they think it means you have to sit on a yoga mat in a dark room with candles lit and some soft music playing. That's not the case. Meditating is about relaxing and reconnecting with yourself. It's about reflecting on your soul and your situation. Being forced to be in the same space for 10+ hours might just be the perfect place to do it. There's not much else to distract you and plane rides are typically calm.

If you've never meditated before, go to Youtube and watch some guided meditations before your flight. It's not difficult at all but it can be tricky to figure out where to start!


And everyone's favorite- TAKE A NAP! This one's obvious so I won't explain too much, but sleep can make time whirl by without you noticing... which is exactly what you want on these flights.

You can also do things like read a book, watch a movie, skim a magazine, solve a Sudoku puzzle, play games on your phone or listen to music. Those just seemed to obvious to put on the list. Try these 10 unique things to actually keep you busy on a long flight. Also- check to see if your airline offers movies/food/etc. if you have a really long flight. It's sooooo much better to be aware of the situation you're about to walk into.

What combination of these 10 things would you want to do on a long flight?

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